Sorry about the lack of a post today, but I have been really busy.

Dammit, let the rabbits wear glasses!!!


Sunny Skies


Has anyone esle noticed that taking pictures of yourself for any reason is extremely hard? I took around ten of myself today with my phone, and not one looked good enough to post here on a blog that no one reads. All of them were screwed up in some way, one I looked like I have a lazy eye, another I looked like I have two chins, and still another I look like I am anorexic. Is it really that hard to take a picture of yourself? Apparently so...

Oh and just for S&G's I put up the best picture of all the ones i took today at the link below. Enjoy, and try not to laugh...


This blog layout is wierd, I am trying to figure it out.

The really annoying part is that my auto-update feature went off earlier, and like a good gnome I went and did my updates. Well if you can't or don't want to do a reboot right then when the feature tells you to, it keeps popping up letting you know "Hey I am still waiting". That is so annoying, atleast wait until I resume in some way.

Ok well I am **AHHH** stop with the annoying messages! That's it I am rebooting now. Congratulations Microsoft....


First post

Mainly this post is just so I can setup the template the way that I want it. But what the hell, have you ever noticed that life's little "surprises" seem to sneak up and slap you all at one time, or is it just me? I thought so...