Trying Vista SP1

Well with all the talk of Windows Vista and its failure to claim the "fame" on the desktop, I thought it fitting to give it another chance on my "new" ThinkPad R61.

As I have been a Microsoft Beta Guinea pig for a few years I have had access to the Service Pack for about a week now. Until today I had no desire to run it at all, to be honest I was just bored. So here goes;

Installation was very fast, I was done in roughly 30 minutes. Base install no special software from Lenovo mind you. Most everything worked right from the start.
I think Microsoft figured out what I have thought was the biggest obstacle of an install for years, having an active internet connection first, being if I have a wireless card I more than likely will not plug in during my install why should I? This really irritates me in Linux BTW.

Things I have noticed that don't work, IBM Powermanager, On Screen Display, and the battery life is dismal at best.....

Maybe more if I keep it installed, this is doubtful though.


US-193 Satellite Shoot via NewScientist

NewScientist story

About 40 seconds into the clip you will notice a sway in the camera, some of us know all too well what that rocking is from.. Video courtesy of the US Navy.