Ubuntu 8.10 Released.. With issues...

I think I am just p-o'd that Canonical released Ubuntu 8.10 with a bug that affects me in a major way. This one:

How can you release a distribution this day in age and have severe issues with USB storage of all things? UGH!


Dropped the Tomato....

Well it was a nice run but it seems that the Tomato Firmware series of old has gone and all that is left are the remnants of what was once great.

Some may say "Wait Tomato still R0X!" But I am sorry my friends, it does so no longer. I feel that ever since the 1.07 version things have gone steadily downhill. Jon _has_ given out the code and others _have_ tried to improve the issues that arise, kudos to them. But when a router locks because someone is using a Intel Wireless card on a client machine this is by far unacceptable. It saddens me to say that this issue has been known and still remains. Do not think that I don't appreciate all the work that went into this project because I do, I am very grateful. But how does something like this go on for months?

As such I have switched from Tomato to DD-WRT v24-sp1, as of this posting I am up over 8 days and no lockups. Where as with Tomato I would have had to reboot 2-3 times already.

Again, thanks Jon for the time and effort. No ill will is intended in this posting.


The 'e1000 nasty' firmware fix announced via Suse

For those affected, there has been a message sent to the lkml in regards to fixing corrupted firmware.

See here:


Thanks again Microsoft!

As some of you know, well if you read this blog that is, over the last year or so I have switched 98% of my computing to Linux. There does however seem to be something around every two weeks that requires me to use Windows and today was one of those days.

Below you will find what I was greeted with this morning. All I have to say is "Thanks again Microsoft" this time you have proven it is not only third party vendors who like to crash and lockup the computer. FANTASTIC!!

And just in case you are wondering what I was doing to have this happen the answer is nothing, it looks like AU went off and BLAM! There goes the OS.
Userspace "What is that!"