ThinkPad oddities

I purchased a new ThinkPad recently and have been noticing some nice features along with some odd ones. Namely the drive protection, with R61 on my lap and typing away I sometimes get the yellow "repetitive shock" warning... Anyone else notice this or is it just my fingers smashing the keyboard?


Newegg + UPS Things to look out for

This has me a little peeved. I ordered a new Lenovo Thinkpad from Newegg.com on Wednesday at 4pm PST I also added rushed processing to hopefully get it shipped out ASAP as my current notebook died. I totally forgot that with Newegg in order to actually process your request for fast approval it states that it must be done before 12pm PST. Ok understandable, but I really would appreciate it if they said so on the order page where they provide a check box also if you say guaranteed 3 day service deliver on Saturdays! Again, if I placed a "rush" order on Wednesday why did my package not get shipped until Thursday night at 11pm? I think this will be the last time I ever use them. I have been surfing around and noticed I am not the only one who has had this issue. They need to make things more obvious on the website, ie. where it says 3 day shipping make it "3 Business day shipping" or "UPS 3 business day shipping". The only day I would not expect a delivery option is Sunday, call me crazy but I have received packages on Saturdays before from UPS. I am fairly irritated if you can't tell and I am thinking about calling them today to find out why they are so crytpic in the shipping/ordering procedures. I have to say this is my first "bad" experience with them but for a purchase to take 5 days from order to delivery with express processing and "3 day shipping" is a little beyond me.