What's on your Thumb Drive?

I decided to compose a list of what's on my USB thumb drive(128MB) version, My 512MB and 1GB are a mess but this little baby is my pride and joy. 54.3MB of computer fixing fun in an easily accessible format. To organize all the programs I utilize Pegtop's PStart, I love free software!

Here are the screen shots of my PStart interface, broken down by sub-category:

Here is the entire list:
7-Zip - Freeware compression and file manager
Autoruns - Comprehensive listing of autostarts by Sysinternals
Calc - Common windows calculator
CCleaner - Portable version of CCleaner
Checksum Calc - CRC, MD5 and SHA1 hash program
cureit - My custom Dr.WEB CureIt!
CyberShredder - File shredder/eraser
DeepBurner1.08 - Freeware version of Deepburner
DirPrint - JRdirprint portable and free
dtaskmanager - Extended taskmanager
Ewido - Ewido(GriSoft) Micro stand alone scanner
FileAssassin - Unlocks and deletes files in use
FileZilla - Best open source FTP program
FoxIT - Stand alone PDF viewer
Hash - Another hash program CRC32, MD5, and SHA1
HDDScan - Diagnose Hard disk errors
Hex Cyngus - Hex file editor
HexEditor - HDD Hex editor 2.3 NOT 3.0
ICEECC - File verification and repair tool
IrfanView - One of the most used graphics views today
KeyFinder - Magic Jellybean key finder 1.5
KFLite - Key finder thing lite
lads - List Alternate Data Streams
LCISOCreator - Simple ISO creation utility
NetStatViewer - Graphic replacement for NetStat
NetWorkScanner - Softperfect network scanner
Notepad++ - Universal text editor
odbg110 - Olly debugger 1.10 reverse engineering app
PFE - Programmers file editor(discontinued)
PK204g - Command line PKWare(Oldie but goodie)
PMMon - Power management viewer(battery status etc.)
ProcessExplorerNt - Another Sysinternals masterpiece
RDP - Remote Desktop client courtesy of Windows
RegCleaner - A Microsoft original
ReNamer - Comprehensive file renamer by Den4b
RootkitRevealer - Again Sysinternals
SIW - System Info for Windows v1.66
TcpView - And Sysinternals again!
TerraIM - AOL/ICQ IM program
TweakUI - One of Microsofts very useful tools
Undelete plus - Recover those oops files easily
UniExtract - Unpack or Unarchive almost anything!
virtualcd - A virtual CD mounter from Microsoft
WhatChanged -A system snapshot utility(Not avail)
WinDiff - File comparison tool in the SP2 ResKit
xvi32 - Small fast Hex editor
xyplorer - Great Explorer replacement Xyplorer 4.5
Zip2Sfx - Freeware SFX creator

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Will Green said...

Nice! That's quit an impressive list. Espeically since it's all on a 128meg usb drive. After reading your post I want to go out and purchase a new thumb drive just for this!