HP/Compaq V2010us upgrades

I have been doing a little searching on the net to see what upgrades are available for my aging V2010us and found a few, but what I didn't find was people who actually tried them. So I decided to post the ones I have done so other know that they do work.

First upgrade I did was go from 2x256MB DDR ram 2x 512 PC2700's
-This is the stated limit and I thought it good enough for me, simple I know.

Second I replaced my Celeron M 1.4 with a Pentium M 1.7GHZ
-As long as you stay with the same processor core you are fine. There is a fair amount of work that has to go into this around 1 - 1.5 hours and some patience.

Third I swapped my old Fujitsu 4200 rpm drive with my Maxtor OneTouch III mini's.
-Which by the way is a Seagate 5400.3 this made a 15-25 minute difference in battery times for the better! The real problem with this upgrade was the foam tape on the OneTouch's Seagate drive!!

So there is the small list, and with about $150 you can extend your precious V2000 series for another 1-2 years!

If you have any questions please fell free to post them.


gabo said...

till what cpu suport my compaq v2010???my is also a celeron 1.4Ghz


Dan said...

I stuck with the Banias core and they went up to 1700mhz. You _will_ notice an increase in performance. But keep in mind, tearing apart your v2010 is not a task to be taken lightly. On the same note it is not that difficult either you just have to be careful.
Using the proper tools and precautions this can be a real money saving upgrade.
I do believe that the processor I used was a "SL6N9" HTH and Good luck!