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As some may know I have switched to Linux for my everyday computing needs. This has left my "Storage" partition mostly untouched for months. Today I re-applied my 'Windows V!sta Business' Image to the Windows partition in order play around over the weekend.

While examining the Storage partition, mainly getting the needed security apps loaded on V!sta, I found a little script I wrote to deal with the DrWeb CureIt update issue(s).
Some may be curious as to what these "issues" are (IMO):
#1 You have to download the entire CureIt utility to have the most current virus definitions every time
#2 The ads that are packed with the program to buy Dr. Web are a bit over the top and annoy me
I understand this is a free tool and they need to make money, but I do believe they can do without my $20 for a spell.

Moving on, this is a simple batch file that can automate the process required to manually update the modified CureIt utility. In reality this is not "CureIt" but a modified version of the normally installable version which goes easily on a USB drive. I got the idea two years ago when CureIt first came out, the way it was packaged made me realize that DrWeb's main scanner didn't have to be installed to sniff out and destroy malware and off I went.

How this script works is simple, there is a zip file that has the needed files in it, simply extract and navigate to the DrWeb_USB folder and run Launch.bat. I have removed all the bases to save space in the download, so you will need to select option #1 the first time.

You may be able to swap out the Drweb32.exe for a newer version but this is not tested and is not supported(Much like the rest of this program). Do not try to use the .exe from the actual newer CureIt versions as Dr.Web has "fixed" it. If you would like to try a newer scanner version, use a installed version and the same goes for a newer .dll.
I do believed I tried this with more recent releases but it failed I think....

If this somehow breaks your computer, which is highly unlikely, it is not my fault.

If you feel like you are cheating the good Doctor please by all means buy a license and substitute that for the cureit.key. The only reason this is included is so that everyone can use it.

Below are two screen shots

CMD Windows options:

Driver Versions(note vdb's not included):

Here is the link to the zip file:

//If this is illegal it will be promptly removed with word from DrWeb ltd.//


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