Customize me!

I get asked a few times a month where I go for wallpapers and the like so here are some links

Themes - I only use Microsoft themes. I don't like patching my uxtheme.dll, I guess???
Royale -

D/L from MediaFire

Zune -

D/L from MediaFire

Wallpaper Sites
Mandolux - Hi-Def photography and design . This guy is amazing!
Interfacelift - Great spot for not only walls but also icons and visual styles
DeviantArt - An oldie but goodie for Widescreen wallpapers
PlasmaDesign - Nice spot for some 3D and fractals etc. costs $$ for Widescreen though
Skinbase - Have fun sifting through them all.
TSS2000 - A few too many ads and not enough walls

There are many many more. They are out there if you get past the Google top list....
Feel free to comment on some that are high quality Ad/Spy free.

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