Dell tech Support far from #1

Ok I got an itch to bother Dell tech support with a dumb but simple question that may be asked by a novice user.
Scenario: Person formatted the PC and lost the wallpapers provided by Dell and would like to get them back.
Simple answer right? WRONG!!! 20 minutes later the answer is Google.com
I posted the excerpt here for your enjoyment, note he first says go to Support.dell.com then rebukes his statement and says use Google.
You = Myself
RTS = Dell Support

2:30:53 System Welcome .
2:30:53 System Connecting to server. Please wait...
2:30:53 System Connected to chat2.us.dell.com
2:32:22 System RTS Abriaul S has joined this session!
2:32:22 System Connected with RTS Abriaul S
2:32:32 RTS Thank you for patiently waiting, you have contacted Dell Hardware Warranty Chat Support. Would you please verify the person or company name that owns the system, your phone number and e-mail address so I can better assist you?
2:33:12 You
2:33:32 RTS What's the service tag#?
2:33:38 You xxxxxxxx
2:33:52 RTS Is this a new or existing case?
2:34:04 You new, simple question actually
2:35:22 RTS I will be happy to help you today. Can you provide any other information regarding what is happening with your system today?
2:35:42 You I formatted my pc and found all the drivers and the like but all the Dell wallpapers are gone do you know where I may obtain them?
2:36:07 You I know it sounds silly and I am sorry for wasting your time but I couldn't find the answer anywhere
2:36:32 RTS xxxxx, I'm sorry you are having this problem today, but I will gladly assist you with this issue.
2:37:05 You Thanks
2:38:16 You I am not saying I can't change the wallpapers, I know how to do that, it is just the Dell specific ones are gone and I am wondering if there is a place on the Dell website or FTP I may find them.
2:39:52 RTS xxxxx, Please give me 2-3 minutes while I look up some other information on this issue.
2:40:20 You Thanks
2:41:32 RTS xxxxx, have you tried right clicking on the icons under the start Menu. Click Copy and Paste them to the desktop.
2:42:34 You I am asking about the background images of the operating system desktop, like the Windows XP bliss pictures and the like
2:43:19 You but the ones that are specific to Dell. ie. dell.bmp etc. I remember that one
2:44:43 RTS Xxxxx, there's no way to get the wallpaper back, you can search for the wallpaper.
2:45:03 RTS You can go to support.dell.com and download the specific wallpaper.
2:45:31 You I have been to the support site and found no links could you point me to a URL?
2:45:41 You besides support.dell.com
2:45:55 You maybe a little more indepth ie. what options etc.
2:50:13 RTS xxxxx, you can go to www.google.coma and type in Dell wallpaper and try searching for specific wallpapers.
2:50:43 You So Dell doesn't offer them as a download?
2:51:23 RTS There's no way to get that wall paper back.
2:51:47 You Thanks I guess

So apparently Google is now a Dell support site....
#1 Rated customer service?

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