Jealous yet?

I figured I would gloat a little bit more about getting a free copy of vista.
Ok done.

The installation was slow but that is to be expected on my notebook.
I tried to install it on my Desktop, which would better handle the load
but it seems there are still some bugs to work out, the error messages were
extremely cryptic. So much so that I couldn't figure out what driver was
missing it told me something to the effect of not being able to find the drivers
for the CD/DVDROM. But I tried to install from both. So I would like to know
how it can boot from either drive and not have the drivers?.....

Needless to say I am putting a hurting on my notebook, a small 1.4ghz with 768MB of ram and integrated graphics. I would have loved to slap it on my Desktop atleast it is a little more powerful 2ghz 1GB of ram and a 128MB graphics card the maybe my Vista experience level wouldn't be a 1. Ugh!!
I really don't get the math they use though, I would give this one at least a 2.

Here are two screen shots before I revert back to XP Pro:

Later all.

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