Touch me

Well I must say I was getting PO'd at my notebook after a re-install of my entire operating system. The problem was the drivers for my touchpad were not loaded correctly and my cursor would fly all over the screen and randomly select things. Now that was annoying.
So being the tweaker that I was I downloaded the latest Synaptics Touchpad drivers and gave them a whirl. While flipping through the settings I noticed an option under Tapping called Tap Zones, come to find out I can set each corner of my touchpad to do a different action, from the right click option to a simple macro or porgram. What an idea!
I immediately put it to the test and I must say it works like a champ. For now the only one I have setup is the top right as a right click, it is so convenient. Scan, Send to, Delete all right there from your touchpad. Some of you may say, "You are a lazy SOB, the button is right below it." I know it's there but if you are like me and have big hands you have to cramp it up to use one hand normaly to hit those buttons or use two hands and that is just a pain on a smaller size notebook like mine. So that is my rebutle to you!

In other words don't knock it until you try it. I can say taht almost 100% of the time if you try it you will get addicted to it.


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