Well looky here I have made a post that is not over one year from the last. It must be Christmas, no wait it is only November. Oops.

Whatever, so with the soon to be lack of a forum on ZT I decided to post here. More than likely this will happen more often than not now. I know I know I have said it before, but I promise!

The goods:
Ok so is anyone else pissed that Microsoft has pushed the release of Windows XP SP3 back to 2008, or is it just me? Four years and four hundred patches later...

But wait Microsoft, you say the EOL(end of life) for Windows XP will be Holiday season 2008 two years after the release of Vista as per here.

So is this a ploy to push Vista to consumers?
I hate to join the CToA (Conspiracy Theorists of America) but I have to say YES!
Time will only tell.....

Until next time...

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